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The Breakfast Conundrum - How to best start your day?

Posted on October 14, 2014 by Ruth Buttigieg | 0 comments

Starting your morning with either a bowl of cereal or pancakes drowned in syrup, if you have time in the morning, is something that we are accustomed to. Anything remotely different and it’ll most likely get frowned upon. Yet what if switching your bowl of cereal for a protein and beneficial fat-based meal was actually better for helping you manage your health?


If we were to tell you that the average amount of sugar in a bowl of cereal - even the ones branded heart healthy and good for your health - can have 12g of sugar per 30g serving! Do you really want to start your day with that much sugar?


Sugar in all its forms


Simple sugars and starches are digested through the same mechanism within the human body. In the gut, starch is broken down into its simple sugar molecules. These simple sugar molecules (irrelevant of origin before being eaten) are then taken up into the bloodstream causing blood sugar levels to rise. This in turn will cause an insulin spike turning excess sugar into the bloodstream as fat as well as preventing the body’s fat burning capabilities.


Items such as wholemeal bread, legumes and potatoes - so-called white starch - are sometimes deemed to be a good source of sugars as well as vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately this is not the case. Starchy foods will still be turned into simple sugars in the human gut. Ever wondered why you might be struggling to lose those extra few pounds or struggled to tone up even though you are eating “healthy”? It’s because you are still supplying your body with sugar.


The Best Breakfast?


Funnily enough, starting your day with a steak is not such a bad idea after all. However not many of us are keen on such a hearty meal. So, as an alternative, why not go for a good old English Breakfast? (hold the baked beans though as these are not only mostly starch, the syrup they are stored in contains added sugars as well).


We here at the Natural Low Carb Store believe that to get the best out of your body you need to start your day right. This is why we have spent countless hours in our kitchen trying to figure out how to make traditional breakfast options that are low in sugars and starches as well as nutritionally dense.


By starting your day with the Natural Low Carb Store breakfast range you are keeping your insulin levels stable thereby minimising the inflammation associated with having high insulin levels. Your body will certainly thank you for it, and you'll feel fuller and energised for longer.


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