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New Diabetes Drug is Indeed a Low Carb Pill !

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Ruth Buttigieg | 0 comments

As diabetes continues to become one of the most common disease conditions affecting the population, drug companies are also in a race to come up with more and more drugs to manage it. There is a long list of drugs that can be taken to manage diabetes, but these broadly fit into a handful of categories that work through similar mechanisms. However, the new drug on the block is different as it’s ability to manage diabetes is by getting rid of the problem - sugar - by making you pee it out!

Low Carb in a Pill

The studies that have been done to show the effectiveness of this drug have all shown promising results like reducing cardiovascular risk. Great! However on closer inspection, one can find out why this drug is good at what it does.

SGLT2-inhibitor drugs are getting rid of the sugar in the bloodstream by acting on your kidneys allowing you to the excrete sugar in your urine. This drug is getting rid of the problem - excess sugar in the blood! Therefore, less sugar in the blood stream means less insulin is required.

Hang on, isn’t this the same as following a low carb diet, where one is managing diabetes through reducing sugar and starch intake?



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