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Inulin - A Functional Food For Health

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Ruth Buttigieg | 0 comments

The term dietary fibre is often mentioned in health circles. The government guidelines on dietary fibre intake recommends aiming for 30g a day. Unfortunately however, many of us can only manage to reach 18g per day. So, what can you do to help boost your daily dietary fibre intake and how can functional foods such as inulin help?

Inulin - a better option all round

Inulin, (also known as Fructooligosaccharide [FOS]), is a naturally occurring alternative sweetener. It is naturally found in chicory root, but also in garlic, jerusalem artichokes and leeks amongst others.

It has a sweet taste on the palate. But unlike sugar which is fermented by bacteria in our saliva and in turn cause oral health issues, inulin is not digested by these bacteria.  The use of inulin as a natural sweetener helps to satisfy that sweet tooth craving. It also helps to avoid blood sugar spikes. Unlike other alternative sweeteners, unwanted laxative side effects are also avoided.

A growing body of evidence continues to show the importance of a healthy gut environment. This is not only helpful for gut health but also to enable full absorption of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, through our gut.

It is for this reason that here at the Natural Low Carb Store we use only inulin in our products, thereby ensuring that the quality of our food is second to none.


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