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Proof that Low Carb Decreases Blood Sugar Levels

Posted on October 23, 2013 by Bart Fischer | 0 comments

One of our full programme members has just shared some good news. In just 3 days she has managed to significantly lower and stabilise her blood sugar levels!

Prior to starting the programme her blood sugar was an average of 16.5. Today she is at an average 6.7 – a fantastic drop of 9.8!

While some dieticians believe that weight loss triggers improvement in blood sugars, and suggest that a low fat/low calorie diet will deliver improved blood sugar over time, the great thing about low carb diets such as the Natural Ketosis programme is that even before the weight loss kicks in, you can improve your blood sugars.

This lady also suffered from ‘Dawn Phenomenon’, where the liver releases large amounts of glucose into the bloodstream in the early hours of the morning. Due to such high blood sugar levels caused by this so called ‘liver dump’, her GP had suggested that the next step in her treatment would have been the prescription of insulin pumps, as her pancreas has stopped producing insulin.

Her GP has since had to re-think his diagnosis.

Our member’s experience once again re-iterates the effectiveness of a low carbohydrate diet as a tool in managing type 2 diabetes.

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