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ADA Finally Recognises Benefits of Carb Restriction

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Bart Fischer | 0 comments

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has recently published its revised guidelines concerning the nutrition therapy recommendations for the management of diabetes.

The breakthrough that excited us most at Natural Ketosis is that they finally acknowledge that carbohydrate restriction is indeed a viable therapy for the management of diabetes.

The amount of carbohydrates and available insulin may be the most important factor influencing glycaemic response after eating, and should be considered when developing the eating plan - ADA, 2013.

Furthermore, the ADA report grades this statement as ‘A’, meaning that strong evidence from multiple studies suggests similar findings.

The ADA’s statement finally recognises something that we at The Natural Low Carb Store have known for a long time. Our programme is designed to keep insulin levels stable by controlling the amount of carbohydrates taken into the body. This is not only beneficial from a diabetic point of view, but also for everyone concerned with their health.

Although the ADA acknowledges the importance of low carbohydrate in diabetes management, they do not go one step further and explain how a low-carbohydrate lifestyle can be achieved and incorporated into their recommended diet. The ADA still advises several portions of fruit and starch daily – counteracting their own guidelines!

Having said that, the importance of these guidelines is that they are the first step in giving low-carbohydrate diets the credit they deserve.

if you would like to learn more, you can read the American Diabetes Association's report here (pdf).

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