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Is SACN About To Make A Low Carb U-Turn?

Posted on October 04, 2013 by Bart Fischer | 0 comments

Any keen follower of health and nutrition will have received their notification of the next SACN meeting, due to take place on 9th October 2013. We at The Natural Low Carb Store have taken keen interest in this year’s SACN agenda.

Traditionally, the agenda would simply contain an update from the Carbohydrate Working Group, but this year SACN have, as their lead session, a Closed Session on Carbohydrate and Health – which has next to it the term “Chapter 8”.

We are keeping a close eye on what comes out of this closed meeting, and why it is required in addition to the usual working group meeting which appears further down the official agenda.

We would love to guess what the session will be about, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this session is the first step in an embarrassing reversal manoeuvre out of the current ‘EAT WELL Plate’ - which has been adhered to for the past 30 years, and has guided the thinking of every single health professional in the UK during that time.

We know from the minutes of previous working groups on carbohydrates, that SACN are expecting a change, and we also know that this change is likely to give rise to further research or investigation into the benefits of fats and protein, and the restrictions of the EAT WELL Plate. If this assumption is correct, then this is good news for health and weight loss in the UK - but what it won’t do is ensure that we don’t repeat the same mistake again.

When the change to the EAT WELL Plate is made (probably privately, and without fuss) the powers that be will simply say “new evidence in carbohydrate metabolism has triggered the review and change of position”… however behind this bland statement is a denial of responsibility and liability which is unfair to both those that have become fat as a result of misguiding advice over the past 30 years, and those experts who have been written off as mavericks.

It further avoids the very tricky question of “What the hell was everyone doing for the past 10 years since the first big publications on carbohydrate metabolism were published?”

The Natural Low Carb Store will wait with eager anticipation of the outcome of this closed session as well as the open one, later that day. If the decision is to reduce the amount of carbohydrate in our diet, then the quicker the government shares this insight the better. Every day hundred’s more people will be visiting the EAT WELL Plate and looking to follow that guideline to improve their health, whilst only making things worse for themselves.

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