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Cured meat sushi rolls

Posted on June 02, 2015 by Lisa Stanners | 0 comments

A delicious take on a traditional antipasto take from the Mediterranean.
Excellent for a starter or as a light bite.
Serves: 3
Carbohydrate content: 0.7g of carbs per serving


  • 140g cured meat (thick slices) (can choose from mortadella, roast ham slices, Parma ham, pastrami, etc)
  • 200g Full fat soft cream cheese or small mozzarella balls
  • Pepper to taste
  • Chopped basil (optional)
  • Caviar, as needed (optional)


  1. Mix cream cheese (or mozzarella balls), pepper and basil together.
  2. On a slice of cured meat spread cream cheese along the middle and roll. If using mozzarella balls, wrap the cured meat slices and use a toothpick to keep in place)
  3. Cut into even pieces.
  4. Present upright like sushi rolls.
  5. Garnish with caviar or small chopped tomatoes. (optional)
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