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When Hannah, the founder, first heard Dr Mike Eades (a founder of the low carb movement) speak in 2004 in the first ever low carb conference in Denver she was inspired to make low carb as natural as possible.
As Mike said – low carb is about going back to our roots and if all we do is create a whole load of nasty man made ingredients we will actually undermine the core of the movement which is about whole food. Thanks to Michael we don’t use any artificial ingredients which means we do not use any artificial sweeteners. So all we do is make low carb food which is suitable for a low carb or a low carb keto diets which are natural and as processed as little as possible allowing busy people to have all the benefits of natural low carb without the hassle.

Our Story

Hannah SutterAfter the inspirational conference in Denver, Hannah came home and started to make the first totally natural low carb snack which became the coconut bar we have today. The first of many new products that have come out of this kitchen.

She went into her kitchen and made our first product – the coconut bar!

For Hannah it wasn’t enough to have a low carb natural product – it had to be nutritionally balanced. This is the nutritional profile. Low carbing should not be about compromise and replacing one poor ingredient with another.

NUTRITION per 100g per portion (30g)
Energy 1882kJ / 457kcal 564.6kJ / 137.1kcal
Fat 34.4g 10.32g
of which Saturates 9.0g 2.7g
monounsaturates  13.0g 3.9g
polyunsaturates 10.9g 3.27g
Carbohydrate 4.6g 1.38g
of which Sugars 2.5g 0.75g
Fibre 36.7g 11.01g
Protein 14.0g 4.2g
Salt 0.09g 0.02g

By the end of 2005 it was on shelf in Sainsbury’s , by 2006 it was on the shelves of Tesco, Superdrug and even WHSmith.

After 3 years of giving the main retailers a contribution to profit we expanded our product range and decided to go into the on line world. We took our products off the supermarket shelves and started to sell direct to the consumer which is still our main focus. Today we work as a small team of passionate experts in Natural Low Carb.

Meet the team

  • Ruth - Biochemist & Nutritionist
  • Leoni - Operations Manager
  • Lisa - Sales Consultant
  • Bart - IT Manager
  • Amanda - Support Manager
  • Grant - Dispatch Guru

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