Low Carb Food Delivered  

Success Story - Diane Platt

I gained weight over a ten year period after contracting malaria and then suffering from health issues for several years. When on a ski holiday I fell and broke my pelvis, while in hospital my blood sugar levels were so high that the doctor’s thought that I was diabetic. I understood then that I needed to lose weight, my family has a history of heart problems and diabetes and I feared that I was headed down the same path.

I began to look for options to help me lose weight and came across the natural low carb diet and after some research this seemed to be the perfect option.

I stuck to a natural low carb diet rigidly and after 3 days I felt better than I had in years. My energy levels were high and I lost weight consistently every week.

The results are incredible, within 6 weeks, my blood sugar was consistently within normal levels and I overall I have lost 4 stone. My life is better than ever and I am very happy.

Eating a natural low carb diet brings not only great fast results it builds a taste for life for natural low carb foods which are low in sugar but free from artificial ingredients.
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